Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanks Giving Day

I woke this morning at 4:45 to get ready for work...and as I climbed into Hillary's little Toyota Tercel, I felt more grateful than I have in a long, long time. I feel the greatest portion of gratitude for the people - both family and friends - with whom I get to share bonds of love, compassion, care, and profound closeness. Without these people, life is cold and absolutely devoid of meaning; but with these relationships, I can see a purpose, potential, and value even in wandering. I truly hope that none of these friends or family would need to question my appreciation for them. They held my hand when I bought my first home, they kept me safe when I was emerging from the closet, they carried me through sickness and surgery, and they sheltered me when I was homeless. In all these things, they've continuously done one thing - they've loved me. Through all that we experience in life and through all the choices that we have and will make, the greatest question is, "how much do you love?" Order, read, or borrow Carol Lynn Pearson's book The Lesson: A Fable for Our Times. Indeed, Christ (whether Savior, prophet, teacher, or all three) said that the greatest commandment was to love God, your neighbor, and your own self. If we truly love, then respect and kindness and sacrifice come naturally and in turn. I feel deep, genuine, and profound gratitude in my soul for those who care and who harbor a form of love for me. It gives me life when I feel lifeless, it gives me reason when I feel there is none, and it provides truth when I feel lost. If only "thank you" could fully carry the depth of gratitude I wish to express...if only.

I am also truly grateful to God, the creator and operator of our world. I'm grateful for the resilliance of our spirits and bodies. Even though at times I've questioned whether or not I could recover from some blows, it's always happened - I've always recovered. I'm grateful that I'm healthy both in mind and body. I'm grateful for the life I was born into. My country, my family, the conditions of the time I live in and the people with whom I share life - I do not and will not take any of it for granted.

Even though some things are not well, I can still be very grateful for other things that are. Truly, gratitude is the harbinger of happiness.


Bravone said...

Robert, this Thanksgiving, I count you as one of the people fow whom I am most grateful. Your friendship has not only saved me from myself a few times, but enriched my earthly walk.

(Nice web page btw!)

Hidden said...

Love ya!

Robert said...

Bravone - Thank you man. You better know that if feel the exact same about our friendship. Yeah, you just better know that. :) Love you man.

Hidden - Love you too man. Will you be at Scott's on Saturday? I might be able to make it...hopefully. :)

Katrina Reinert said...

I wish that I could have known the real you when you were my home teacher. I feel like I would have gotten alot more out of a lesson if it had been you coming instead of Mark.
I found your blog through Andy's. I think I am going to keep reading. :)

Robert said...

Hey Katrina! Wow, I was shocked when I saw that you read and commented...but it only makes sense that Andy's blog might lead to mine. I miss you so. I definitely agree that our lessons could have been much more interesting and productive if we had been open like we've become. Haha. Love you Katrina...and see you soon (it's gotta happen). :)