Thursday, August 20, 2009

And the summer comes to a close...

The summer in Arizona was so helpful and necessary. It wasn't easy or all good - of course I still did some really stupid things; but, I haven't had a drink since the summer began (thanks to a pact and the support of a few friends), I was able to do a lot of listening (metaphorical), and I heard and felt so much that I really needed. Best of all, I was able to live the whole (almost) summer with my concerns totally outside myself. In Arizona, everything we did was about the children and families that we were working with. I can't describe how wonderful and fulfilling and heartening it is to help a child, mother, and father rediscover their desire and love for one another, their interdependence on each other, and the sweetness of harmony and peace when it's inside you. Wow, I'm so grateful for what I was able to participate in over the summer. :)

Now, I'm off to Brooklyn, NY for grad school! Yep, I'm a little intimidated...and excited...and whatever else. I'm not sure what life is going to be like over there. Living conditions, transportation, work and money, roomies, neighborhoods, neighbors, professors, classes, campus, friends...I don't even have an apartment yet (I'm in the process of sorting thru the candidates). Thinking about it just makes me feel more intimidated, excited, and anxious. Oh, but I have no doubt that it'll be fun. I'll just have to write about it when I get there.

When I finished up in Arizona and headed up to Montana, I had the chance to stop in and see some friends in Utah. Wow, that was soooo nice. And wow, I miss them so much! They're such good friends and kind and loving. Wow, I love them. Amidst seeing my friends, I went to my little sister's wedding (or better said: while at my sister's wedding, I got to visit some friends). Her and her husband are both really lucky (he's cute and she's an overall ten). hehe. It was so great to see all of my family in one place celebrating two people I totally love. Then, in Montana, Hillary and I got to spend four days together. This was so necessary because of how unavailable we were to each other over the summer - being out in the wilderness, her teaching, separated by half a continent... Her and I hadn't been able to really talk much aside from the casual chat. While she was in Montana, we had such an amazing time playing, laughing, wrestling, and most important of all, talking. We touched base with each other - we really talked and shared all about how life is now-a-days. Oh, that was so nice and liberating and sustaining to be able to be with her and open up totally and have her do the same. Wow, I really love that girl.

So, with the summer coming to a close, I find that I'm a very grateful chump - so lucky to have such quality people to love and to have such great people loving me. Don't ever forget this.