Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Runner's High :)

Sorry, but this post isn't all too deep. I just got back from Washington, D.C. where Hillary and I ran in the National Marathon. I was still suffering from the post-coming out grief and regret. It stayed with me till the morning of the marathon, but when we woke at 4:30 am to take the metro to the start of the race, my jitters were all adrenalin and excitement for the longest run of my life (so far... ;) ). At mile marker 26, I was soooooo euphoric and goofily happy...I really felt like I had taken oxycotton or morphine. Opioids (like heroin) increase your endorphins a lot and your endorphins block pain and give you a feeling of euphoria. Oh, baby, I was on an endorphin HIGH!!! Wow, I loved the race. I passed the 13.1 mile (half-way) at 92 minutes with a pace of 7 mins per mile. My legs started to get really tight at mile 15 and I had to slow down a lot for the last 11 miles. I finished in 3:48. I listened to fun music the whole way while I watched the beautiful scenery of downtown D.C. The sun was out, there was no wind, and the temperature was cool - I couldn't have asked for better conditions. As I came up on the finish line, I felt an urge to sprint for it, but I was wise and refrained from changing anything about my stride. As soon as I crossed the line, my legs locked up for a minute before I was able to go for drinks and food. Wow, it was so funny and FUN!!! On the plane ride home, I sat next to the most incredible mother of two adopted children. We chatted for hours about personality theories and parenting and worldviews. Yep, you could say that it was an incredible weekend. For sure. As a side note, I was invited by my Holladay friends to a weekend in Puerto Rico...but instead, I went to DC for the marathon. Even though I would have loved Puerto Rico, I'm glad I went to DC with Hillary.

P.S. My dad and I are talking more now. He even said that he's excited to come down and see me and talk with me in person. He said that he's eager for it. I'm a lucky person. I better not forget that. :-)


Sean said...

Way to go! If you think that felt good, you should try a triathlon! They are totally amazing, especially if you do the Olympic distance! So much fun! :)

Cadence said...

your freakn NUTS is about all I can say, I don't think I have ever ran a 7 min mile, or even a 10 min mile or even a mile, ok that might be pushing it but yeah thats crazy... I had an amazing time in DC the first week of march, DC must be a pretty cool place... anyway congrats but I think I"ll stick to something like the Baja 1000...

Anonymous said...

Good job man! Are you running any in Utah? I have 4 this year keep it up!


J@y kr{}LL said...

That's really awesome. Congrats. I'm starting to train for a marathon sometime this summer. I haven't done anything longer than a 5k for a long time though. It sounds like you had a good weekend tho. :)

Bravone said...

Robert, I'm proud of you for accomplishing this great goal. It takes incredible discipline to train for a marathon. Finishing is a victory over self.

And .... keep taking THIS drug! It does a body good. :)

Thanks for being there.

Robert said...

Sean - Oh, baby. I'm signed up for a triathalon in August. I've started training for the swimming part of it, but aside from the instruction you gave me, I've been a pragmatic swimmer - I don't really know strategies or technique, just what's worked so far. ;) But, I'm working on time and distance. I swim for 30 minutes twice a week and I try to take as few breaks as possible. Wow, it's a workout. Yeah, I'm really excited to do the triathalon. :)

Cadence - You do the Baja 1000 and I'll do the marathons. I can ride well and long, I just don't know that I would do so well at a race like that. ;) You're nuts man. I might be nuts too, but you are as well. ;) Love ya man. You're awesome!

Cody - Yeah, I train in Provo and SLC. I really want to run a marathon every month this summer. I'm registered for one in June and a triathalon in August. I'm looking at a few for late April and for late May. When are there races in UT? I know there are some in SLC and St. George. I'm going to sign up for the St. George marathon...but it's a lottery, so I might not get in. Yeah, I love running...LOVE IT! :) What's your training like? Maybe we could train together...if our speeds are close to each other. Running is one of those things that is fun with somebody and fun alone, right? Good luck and health for your runs. Later Cody. :)

J@y kr{}LL - Thanks man. Wow, I had no idea that it would be so awesome, no idea. Have fun training. Be consistent with it and you'll be able to run a full marathon and not be too beat afterward. Oh, man, if you've not run a full, you're going to be suprised at how awesome it is. You'll LOVE it! ;)

Bravone - Love you man, really. You know it. ;) You better believe I'll keep on this drug...just gotta make sure I don't go after heroin now. ;) Just kidding.

Anonymous said...

Robert, chances are you've passed me running in Provo, I'm addicted! I'm running the Ogden marathon in may, the Wasatch back Ragnar relay in June, as well as the Bear lake marathon, then the Top of Utah in September and hoping to get into St. George this fall. Also if your interested one of the best races i've ever done is the Ultimate XC in Moab in November, talk about intense. The SLC marathon is in April I think you can still get in to that one, but the ogden one is full. There is a the steeple chase in June if your up for that, only 17 miles but it's up a big hill. There are a few in southern idaho coming up you can check out as well. It sounds like we run similar paces, I'm currently trying to qualify for Boston but i'm always looking for a someone to run with. Let me know. Good luck!

Bror said...

Good job bud. :)

Anonymous said...

Awesome dude! Im so glad you had a good time and that you found a way to feel high without substance abuse. (That was just a joke.) Really though, Im so glad you made it back safe. Look forward to seeing you.

Peter said...

How much do you run every day? I guess my real question is, how did you start training for running in marathons? Have you always been a runner, etc.?

You just amaze me.

I was really happy to hear that your Dad is looking forward to visiting you soon. You are his son.
I know that I would really feel honored for my child to share something big and burdensome as this. I would also grieve that they had been in turmoil for so many years as you have been.

It shows real trust, faith and hope in the relationship. I still don't if I'll come out to my Dad and Mom or not...Yes there is history to that, sadly.

Great seeing you last night, by the way.


Sean said...

Well, you have my number (or at least I think you do) and if you ever need more help/advice/gear for swimming, I've got you covered. :)

Z i n j said... of the wind .......the fast one with the sexy legs. That tie is hot among other things. What a blessing "coming out to family"!! In my hiatus...I will pray that all goes well. I'm hiding out now in preparation for a red rock expedition. I've ordered a new pack, sleeping bag and tent. (big spender). My last jaunt hammered the old stuff. Listen in the wind. May your trail bring many victories. Stay Gold.