Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Am I alone? I know I'm not. But the feeling is none the real. I know I've been negligent. I didn't read the fine print. I didn't think that there were so many in's and out's. Sorry. Victimized?  Nah, just, just not informed. Learning as we go, right? :(


ControllerOne said...

There's no other way to learn really.

Feeling alone is very much different from actually being alone. Rest assured you are not. I we do not know each other, yet I am your friend. Count on it. I'm contact me any time – email link on my profile sign page.

I'm no longer religious but religion offers some beautiful and encouraging words sometimes. See you 2 Kings 6:16.

Good to hear your voice once again.

Dean said...

I went on the board of the gay men's chorus that serves my area after I came out. I can't sing, but I can attend meetings:)

The geographic area covers a lot of counties, and my county happens to be one of the least gay. I have met only one gay person here.

I sat in on the chorus's reharsal this week just because I needed to be around some gay guys.

Best wishes.

Keaton said...

Just checking on an ol mate. I'm doing ok. I hope you are in a good place. We'll meet some day around a campfire. Culturally i'm still Mormon but on my terms. How is Hillary ? She is one of the great ones.