Tuesday, June 2, 2009

It's been long...

It's really been a very long time since I last thought quietly and singly about the way the events of the last year have affected me and how they are now affecting the paths I travel these days...haha, maybe that's good.

Over the last six weeks, I sold my motorcycle and car, moved to Arizona, enacted Plan A, started working for the ANASAZI Foundation again, bought a new bike, and am preparing to move to NYC to start graduate school in the fall. So much has happened that I can hardly believe that it's only been six weeks.

Leaving Utah was much harder than I expected. I had no idea how dependent I had grown to my routine and friends. I was biding time and living a life suspended from rules, church, and obligation. I was doing what allowed me to feel free and happy. There was only one serious problem with the life I was leading: in living it up and playing like I was, I wasn't killing or suffocating myself, but I was allowing myself to start down a path where the sole concern was me and my happiness. The problem? Well, it was that the things of greatest value in life are not things at all, they are people and our relationships with them. When we are solely focused on ourselves and our own pursuit of happiness, our most valuable relations with those that are vitally important to us diminish. The Creator, our parents and siblings, our confidants, and our own hearts. These are the relationships that become distant and withered when our focus is on ourselves.

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Bravone said...

Truth. Plain and simple. Why do some of us take so long to realize what should be more obvious?